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Take home some Taos color

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Las Comadres Gallery would like to welcome their two newest members Janice Smith and Allegra Sleep!

Artist Janice Smith works with fabric and clay. The artist began her career as a self taught weaver more than 35 years ago. She then studied graphic design at NMSU. Janice fell in love with the silkscreen process and began a limited edition of serigraphs depicting the sunsets and skies of the Southwest. She has exhibited extensively throughout the southwest, and has received many awards for her eclectic booth displays and several best of show awards at museum exhibits. Her work is best described as layered colors and textures. The years as a weaver left her with a sense of texture and a knack for combining colors to make patterns and to expand the range of a few threads of color. The addition of clay was a beautiful awakening that adds the depth and the texture that she desired. These elements have come together to produce mixed media wall pieces of a sculptural nature. She offers a selection of her wall art, scarves, and ornaments at Las Comadres Gallery.

Artist Allegra Sleep was born in Nicaragua just as things were heating up and ready to erupt into the Revolution. She was in her first group show at the American Embassy in Managua at age two. She lived in Central, South America & the Caribbean until a move brought her to Taos, during the winter of 1989/1990. Primarily self-taught, the artist grew up watching her mother paint. Allegra works in acrylics and water media, and often uses bright primary colors. Her work frequently references scenes from a childhood in Latin America; as well as old black and white family photographs. Allegra is known for her bright color palette, and for the use of lots of yellow in her work. She was a Finalist in The Artist's Magazine's Annual Art Competition in 2013, and has been featured in Southwest Art Magazine twice. The artist has shown and is collected internationally; including Brazil, Germany, and France. She offers a selection of paintings, prints and cards at Las Comadres Gallery.

Meet the artists this Valentine's Day at Las Comadres Gallery! Feb 14th, from 11 to 4pm. Find a selection of Janice's wall sculptures, scarves, & smaller work; and Allegra's original paintings, prints, & cards. Las Comadres Gallery is located on the South end of John Dunn Shops, between the Taos Plaza and Bent Street, downtown. 120 Bent St #G, Taos, NM, (575) 737-5323