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Mary Alvarado

Mary Alvarado

Art Mirrors

Mary creates in many mediums, including drawing, painting, ceramics, I also sculpt fabric frames and make jewelry.

Artist's Statement 

Mary Alvarado:
As a child, broken glass, sticks and natural objects were treasures, as I spent a lot of time in nature, in a wild park near my Home. I made collages with found objects, magazine pictures and discarded fabrics. My Grandmother, who lived with the Family was seamstress, knitter, embroider, and prolific in the sewing arts, a great influence! 
 I attended a high school that was a career development, in Dallas, and had 3-6 hours of art a day, studying a little Commercial Art and on to Studio Arts. 
I began to travel, primarily in the west, after graduation, was in love with the mountains and inspired to live in New Mexico. 
My favorite art period was Art Nouveau, for it’s organic and natural influence. 
Now, my primary reason for creating mirrors and eco-dye cards is to recycle, upcycle discarded materials, as part of a feeling of being responsible for planet clean-up, as well as an ability to see potential art in so many things. 
 Sculpting fabric is fabulously fun, eco dye, is heavenly, the smell and the surprise when it is opened up, after cooking leaves! 
And lastly, I am not a professional, educated photographer, but have always enjoyed snapping photos, for my love of nature, beauty and abstract things, as well as light, shadows, imaginary pictures in trees and all things nature. 
Forever, all ways, “Wild at Heart”, loving Art..... Mary