​Robin Cunningham

Illuminating your soul - Choosing to inspire

Taos New Mexico is a place like none other. The landscape, the people and cultures, the history and the unique flavor that is Taos could never be replicated anywhere else. Nestled close to the Colorado border in northern New Mexico, embraced by the Sangre de Christo mountains and the Rio Grande River Gorge, Taos has been home to adventurers, artists, healers and traditional peoples for centuries.


Eight years ago I received my first hive of bees, and it has been a journey of grace, respect, and awe since that day.


BeeLuminous Taos LLC is an homage to the light, spirit and soul of Taos, and to the amazing bees of our land and community. In keeping with my personal values of supporting local businesses and families, as well as supporting and honoring the blessings of bees in our world, I chose to start my little cottage business by hand crafting locally sourced beeswax candles.


Every candle I make by hand. Each time I pour a candle, I embrace the reverence of that candle and the source of the ingredients. I hope that it illuminates and inspires those who will experience it.

Robin Cunningham

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